Mendigoizaleak The Group of mountain Itxartu, which as Itxartu Taldea's section has expired more than 20 years, has had throughout this time the following AIMS:


- To foment the interest to the mountain in all its aspects and the respect to the environment.
- To promote and to stimulate the marches of low mountains doing compatibly with the excursions those allow us to know our history, culture and geography.
- To put within reach of the youth an alternative to the free time of weekend, on the basis of practicing a sport, visiting different places, knowing and valuing the nature and to be related by other persons.
- To support relations with other similar associations of the region, organizing activities together.

To fulfill the above mentioned AIMS the following activities are realized:

- Organization of Algorta's Regular March that is celebrated in October. The year 2007 we celebrate 25 anniversary of this traditional activity that has assembled anually hundreds of trippers, both adults and young, men and women.

- Participation in other Regular Marches organized by groups with which we support stable relations, since they are those of Mungia, Sopelana, Plentzia, Derio, Meñaka, Maruri, Gamiz, Leioa …. (All villages near to our one).

- Early-rising exits to the mount (Gorbea, Tologorri, Anboto, Eretza, Oiz …), where they are in the habit of taking part between 30 and 40 trippers.
- Organization, so much of particular as joint form with other groups of mountain, of excursions of the whole day where we combine the walk in the mount (Toloño, The Rhune, Ernio, Karrantza, Valderejo's Nature Reserve, …) with the cultural visit (Laguardia, Sara's Caves, Loiola's Sanctuary, Pozalagua's Caves,…).


 - Organization of an excursion of weekend where we combine hiking with cultural visits (Route of the Cares, Cannon of River Wolves, You Twist Them and the Natural Reserve of Saja…).