You can see here a  video-presentation  of the Group de dance 'Itxartu Euskal Dantzari Taldea'


The GROUP OF BASQUE DANCERS ITXARTU OF ALGORTA-GETXO there is founded in the year 1976, with the aim to promote the Basque Culture, by means of the diffusion, recovery and expansion of the traditional Basque culture in its expression of Folklore.



Nowadays, in this labor, we work a whole of 100 persons among musicians, dantzaris, parents, mothers and collaborators. During these years of gait, our group has carried out different performances and activities so much inside like out of our municipality. Out of our country, we have traveled to Andalusia, Asturias, Galicia, Valencia Community, Catalunya, etc., always with the intention of announcing our rich folklore.


In addition in our village we encourage the Basque environment of our city with diverse performances and activities, since they are: the participation in the festival of Saint Agueda's Getxo, in the Commission of Holidays of Algorta-San Ignacio, in those of carnivals, San Juan and Olentzero, and developing labor of recovery of the holiday of Saint Nicholas of Algorta's Old Port.


Every year, at the end of July, we act in representation of Basque Country, in the International Festival of Getxo's Folklore, organized by the House of culture of the Municipality and propitiated in its beginnings for the Group Itxartu together with the Elai-Alai of Portugalete.


The Group of Basque dancers Itxartu also has a group of musicians composed for txistu, soinu, acordeón, txirula, guitar, txalaparta, violin, tambourine, kettle-drum, alboka, etc., all of them autochthonous instruments of Basque Country. This formation accompanies to the group in all the performances with a complete digest of traditional pieces.



Between our more habitual performances they find the ostentations of dances, assemblies of dances, popular holidays, concerts of Basque music, exhibition of traditional suits of the Country, courses of dances and autochthonous Basque instruments, cultural excursions...


During the last years we have taken part in numerous International Festivals of folklore out of our municipality. Between them we emphasize the following ones:

  • International fair of the Peoples, Fuengirola (Malaga, from 1996 to 2002 and 2009)
  • Day of Basque Country in Galicia, Melide (Corunna; 1997).
  • Honoring to the slaves of the Franco's regime, Bidankoze (Nafarroa; 2004).
  • 23 International Festival of Cantonigrós's Music (Section groups of dance), Cantonigrós (Barcelona; 2005)
  • IIIrd Proves of International Folklore, Llobregat's Sant Feliu (Barcelona; 2006)