Other Activities


From the Group Itxartu's constitution in 1986, besides the activities indicated previously, they have come dedicating, a few times with continuity and others without her, another type of activities. Later we indicate some of them:


- Contest of Birds Singers.

- Trikitixa's contest of Biscay for 17-year-old minors.

- Day of the Trikitixa of the Basque Country 2000.

- Agricultural market, prolongation of that of The St Lawrence.

- Gastronomic contests.

- Frog championships.

- Championships of mus, brisca and tute (all card games).

- Show restraint popular on the occasion of all the events previously mentioned.



Nowadays these activities not included in none of the officially recognized sections, are the following ones:


/album/beste-batzuk/a20090204-10-agate-deuna-jpg/- Itxarkantu (Itxartu sings): it is a program that, far from trying to be a habitual choir, wants to teach popular songs and to have as aims recover a tradition that is getting lost in Euzkadi, to sing in bars and in the street of the villages.


- Friday spectacle: occasionally one organizes some spectacle to celebrating in the bar of the Batzoki of Algorta, in a small stage prepared for the effect. They are in the habit of beginning at 20:00, are free, and there include such activities as singers, magicians, theatre, etc. 


/album/beste-batzuk/mus-06a-jpg/- Championship of mus (card game): in 2008 this activity recovered, there being disputed the corresponding championship that will have continuity in the next years.


- Contest of bird singers: these contests were celebrated in the beginnings of Itxartu's life, stimulated by the one that was our president, Ismael Moral. In his memory and in collaboration with the Association "Friend of the bird" these contests have been restarted. 


/album/beste-batzuk/ieg-019-jpg/- The Itxartu’s day: it is a holiday of the associates of Itxartu, of their relatives, of the institutions and companies that support Itxartu's activity and of anyone another person who wants to add. We celebrate it in the court of the Batzoki of Algorta, but before we cross Algorta's neighborhood with dances and singings. And to the evening we open the doors all those who want to enjoy games and sports, besides the traditional Dinner of sardines of the late afternoon. 


- Classes of guitar: initiated in the course 2008-09.

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