It is a group of not professional theatre that was created in 1996 thanks to the impulse of the professional actor Mikel Albisu, who in 1966 together with other persons created the already extinct Group of Theatre Akelarre - of happy recollection in Bilbao - in the one that he remained several years. Parallel to his professional activity, he exercises the Direction of the Group of Theatre.


The Group of Theatre Itxartu a dozen of persons form in a stable way, possessing other collaborations for punctual moments, since they are musical, clowns, dantzaris, singers, etc.


The montages of Theatre more significant than have realized have been:

- "The prodigious cobbler woman", Federico García Lorca.

- "Lights of Bohemia", Valle Inclan.

- "Angelina or the honour of a brigadier", Jardiel Poncela.

- "The trees die of foot", Alejandro Casona.


Le groupe de Théâtre The group of Theatre Itxartu works also as School of Theatre to the effect that, between its members - to the margin of an important block of experienced actors - always there are some "novices" who receive important notions of vocalization, reading of texts, utilization of the voice, movement, habituation to the scene, etc. That is to say, the integral training of the Actor is looked, from a practical point of view.

Its last work is "The deposited city" of Laida Ripoll. It was released in the Theatre Getxo on June 27, 2008 and it is prepared to operate in any place.