The  Amateur Drama Group Itxartu  came into being in 1996 thanks  to the initiative  of  professional actor Mikel Albisu, who had formerly, along with others  established the then no longer existent theatre group Akelarre, well known in Bilbao and in which he had been involved with for many years.

Mikel successfully divided his time between his professional acting career and his role as theatrical director of Itxartu, a position he held up until 2015.


Itxartu Drama Group is composed of a group of twenty or so permanent members, working at times alongside  artists in associated  fields such as musicians, clowns, traditional Basque dancers and singers.


Intxartu Drama Group  is also a School for Actors, as it´s members not only include a significant number of well experienced actors , but also new  less experienced members who within the group come to  learn about vocalization, readings of text, voice projection, body language  and movement on stage etc.

In summary, a very rounded, hands on approach to the development of an actor.


Their most significant stage performances carried out to date have been:


The Shoemaker's Prodigious Wife -  Federico García Lorca.


Bohemian Lights - Valle Inclán


Angelina, or A Brigadier's Honor  Jaridiel Poncela


Trees Die Upright - Alexandro  Casona.


The Besieged City - Laila Ripoll


Office Games - based on the comedy “Todos Somos Compañeros - Jaime de Armiñán


Hay Motín Compañeras” - Alberto Miralles.


Muertos de la Risa - Jean Pierre Martinez


No Suicide in Springtime - Alejandro Casona


Not only has the group brought these plays to the stage , but it has also worked on Dramatized Readings and was invited by the Spanish Association of Playwrights to the Arriaga Theatre  to perform dramatized readings of works  by playwrights such as   Arthur Miller, Laila Ripoll, David Barbero, Antón Chéjov, Iñigo Ramírez de Haro and Rosane Mateo. 





Ivan Iparaguirre Rivas.


The group’s artistic director Ivan Iparguirre Rivas studied Dramatic Arts in “Club de Teatro” in Lima, Peru (where the focus was on acting, artistic performance and expression  in the areas of theatrical expression, body language, movement on stage, vocal skills and creativity).

Subsequently, he went on to continue his studies in the area of mime and pantomime in “Joan Arcos Mime School” in Peru.


Following that, he  studied directing  in “Club de Teatro” Lima, Peru immersing himself in a wide variety of distinctive theatrical and artistic areas, and completed his training by firstly studying The Introduction to Population Theatre in San Simón National Mayor University (Cochabamba, Bolivia) and receiving a Master’s Degree in Theatrical Management in the University of Chile (Santiago de Chile).


To add to this he has given conferences and classes as well as organised workshops and  projects focusing on Applied Drama and it’s possible contextual implications, as well as participation in symposiums, and the like in different countries, festivals and institutions in America, Africa and Europe.