His beginnings date back of the year 1986 when a group of persons lovers of the music was meeting under Jose Luis Lejarza's direction to support the musical Basque tradition and the polyphony.


This group had a constant evolution with the incorporation of new voices until it was consolidated as choir the year 1996, with ITXARTU ABESBATZA denomination, taking its direction Teobaldo Guerrero. ITXARTU ABESBATZA, belongs to the cultural group ITXARTU TALDEA. In the year 1997 it begins to form a part of the Federation of Choirs of Biscay (B.A.E.). Nowadays it is composed by 35 mixed voices, being its director Jesus Antruejo.


Between many musical performances in which it has taken part we stand out:

  • Spring concerts organized annually by the BAE in different localities of Biscay.
  • Sacred Concerts in Amurrio, Getxo, Bilbao (R.R.P.P. Jesuits, El Carmen...) and Berango, between other municipalities.
  • Annual participation in the Week Coral of Biscay in Begoña's Basilica
  • Concerts of Christmas in Portugalete, Santurtzi, Getxo, Artea; Contest of Christmas carols of the Txoriherri, in Derio, Larrabetzu, …
  • High Masses in the Cathedral of Santiago of Bilbao, in Zenarruza's Collegiate church and in Estibaliz's Sanctuary (Alava)
  • Cultural weeks of different municipalities: Lutxana, Berango, Sestao...
  • It has collaborated with the Getxo's House of Culture in the recovery of different traditional festivities as Holy Águeda, San Juan in the Old Port, informing also in the honouring the CHoir Biotz Alai in its 75 anniversary.
  • It has taken part in days of exchange with the choir AGRUPAMENT THE LIRA of Barcelona, acting in Sant Vicens of Montalt, Viladecans and in the Cathedral of Barcelona.
  • It has sung together with the orchestra Tirri-tarra and Sotto voce the work of melodic rock "Black Light-Argi beltz".
  • There takes part in the Day Coral of Getxo which is celebrated every year in June.


Between the musical activities that there realizes the choir ITXARTU ABESBATZA there is its participation in religious and social ceremonies fell like: weddings, anniversaries, funeral, etc. Its wide digest allows it to attend to the different desires of those who request its collaboration: organ, soloist, choir...