The group Itxartu

Before you can see here a video-presentation of the Group de dance 'Itxartu Euskal Dantzari Taldea'.


The GROUP ITXARTU’s origins are in the year 1976 when in Algorta-Getxo there is founded the GROUP OF BASQUE DANCERS ITXARTU OF ALGORTA-GETXO, with the aim to promote the Basque Culture, by means of the diffusion, recovery and expansion of the traditional Basque culture in its expression of Folklore. At these times there was important the labor developed by Iñaki Uria (Dancers’ Teacher), Fernando Torrontegi and Arantza Zubillaga.


In March, 1986 there is constituted formally the GROUP ITXARTU, under Ismael Moral's presidency, and be registered in the Record of Cultural Foundations dependent on the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Basque Government. In these moments, beside continuing promoting the Basque culture, other activities are included: sports, recreative, gastronomic, etc.


Nowadays the groups that compose the GROUPE ITXARTU are the following ones:

-       Group of Basque Dancers Itxartu

-       School of Music Itxartu

-       Choir Itxartu

-       Group of Theatre Itxartu

-       Group of mountain Itxartu

-       Group of sports Itxartu

-       Group of diverse activities



During these 34years are thousands of women and men, young and major, that of one or another way have taken part in the different activities. To all our more sincere gratefulness.


Also our gratefulness to the institutions: Getxo's Town hall, Statutory Deputation of Biscay and Basque Government; as well as to so many companies and trades that have collaborated disinterestedly in our activities.